How we do it

Prevention and Transparency

Exact Change has an Internal Audit Department, Extensive Training manuals and Prevention of Money Laundering, as well as a Compliance department assisted by a robust computer system.

Exact believes strongly in honesty with the aim of maintaining the best relationships within our business environment. Up to date information can be obtained from our corporate intranet, both by the airport managers, as well as by the agents, mediators, referrers and associates.

We scrupulously comply at all times with the current laws in each country.

Exact Change keys to success in managing bureaux de change at Airports


Exact Change has its own computer system which is at the cutting edge of technology. It is designed to meet the needs of our customers and airport managers and is constantly being updated and improved by our Research and Development team.


We have the latest generation system based on closed circuit TV incorporating vision and digitalised sound, central monitoring equipment, a system of photoelectric cells, counterfeit detection machines, a system for detecting the opening and closing of doors, and a supporting system for staff incidents.

Furthermore, in order to measure the quality of our service and customer satisfaction, Exact Change carries out service audits, has suggestion boxes in their offices and on their website, and makes satisfaction questionnaires and complaint forms available to the customers.


Clearly marked and visible from all angles, thanks to our bright LEDs, the premises are clean with all equipment and furnishings perfectly arranged, a completely clear counter for full transparency when handling money in front of the Customer and just a few fresh flowers next to the cashier with some sweets on the Customer side.

The latest and most advanced technology in exchange rate information is clearly visible on trading screens.

The efficient microphone system enables the cashier to understand the Customer without anyone having to raise their voice. It is connected to Google oral translator which allows a conversation to be held in those languages that our assistants may not have mastered (for example, Chinese, Japanese etc.).

The premises are customised with our own corporate image but perfectly integrated within their environment.


There are a sufficient number of staff who are uniformed, have an impeccable appearance, are well-mannered, proactive, with a broad knowledge of languages. They are properly trained in Customer service ensuring speed and courtesy and are also trained in trading patterns whilst being appropriately incentivised.

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