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What we do

Overseas bank notes retail market

Since 1989, 35 years ago, the managers and shareholders of the Exact Group have been gathering experience in the implementation and operation of more than 100 Bureaux de Change at Airports, Railway Stations and the major European City Centres.

We operate with more than 80 different currencies. Our revolutionary online reservation system, which applies the best exchange rate between reserving and collection, strengthens our retail market, increasing the number of transactions on street, in offices and at airports.

Our development of ATMs and prepaid cards, with up to 14 currencies, is changing the way that the retail buying and selling of currencies is understood.

Exact Change works closely with airport operators to achieve full customer satisfaction.

We have a solid and attractive image, a well-founded corporate culture and understandable processes for staff training.

Overseas bank notes wholesale market

We are the non-bank, Spanish Group leader in this activity, namely the wholesale Purchase, Sale and transportation of Foreign Bank notes among various countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

This leading position allows us to save on the costs of intermediaries in the acquisition of foreign bank notes, thus obtaining an additional margin. We have agreements and operational lines with Banks, Exchange Bureaux and International Private Treasuries, all specialists in the wholesale purchase and sale of Foreign Bank notes.

Consequently, the Exact Group has a centralised Cash Holding facility, with currencies from more than 80 countries which is very useful in supplying the retail currency exchange activity.

Foreign exchange and B2B international transfer market

We offer both individuals and companies unbeatable prices for the Purchase and Sale of foreign currency with a very low transfer cost to bank accounts anywhere in the world. Our Customers save on their import and export transactions, expatriation, repatriation, purchases of goods and payments for services, school fees abroad, etc.

This unique position of our Group allows us to save costs on the payment of Foreign Banknote imports, increase the operating margin and disposing of the surplus stocks of Foreign Banknotes by converting them into currency and applying them to the transfers demanded.

We have developed a Payment Accounts system, specifically for all kind of businesses, with an innovative online management tool, which is better and more secure than that of the banks, this service is appropriate for airports authorities management as well for airport retail operators. It optimises the management of cash and working capital and improves income due to the significant reduction in financial and management costs for Collections, Payments and Refunds, whether these are in the Euro, foreign currency or cash.

Market for sending person to person without a bank account

Since early 1996, our Exact Transfer  service has been available within the market for the International Sending of Money, person to person, without needing to open a bank account.

Our partnership with Western Union has extended our network to 237 countries and more than 500,000 agents.

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